Security Tip of the Week

Please be aware of the following COVID-19 related scams:

  1. Scams can start with a phone call, email , text message, or Facebook /WhatsApp message.

  2. The scammers pretend to be calling from government agencies. Do not give ANY information like bank accounts, Drivers license , any ID number to anybody over the phone.

  3. Do not respond to any scams offering "Early access to vaccines" or "Special Access to vaccines"

  4. Contact your doctor to get the latest information about the vaccine.

Technology Tip of the Week

Borrow e-books and audio books from your library!

A lot of libraries now offer an online selections of Audio books.

Most libraries in California use the "Libby" App or the "Hoopla" Ap.

These apps give you access to E-books as well as Audio books!

Mivera members can contact us at to get technology help.